PortraitsTim Chowtravel

Olivia and Eric

PortraitsTim Chowtravel
Olivia and Eric

They say true love inspires.

So, naturally, I had to get my camera out.

Tim Chow_Olivia & Eric_002.jpg

Just look at these two!

My friends Olivia and Eric were visiting in Chicago, and we spent the afternoon bumping around along the river, taking in the majestic views of the sunset behind the city skyline.

We didn’t set out to take any couple’s portraits, but they were so darn cute together I just had to sneak in a few pictures.

Tim Chow_Olivia & Eric_001.jpg
Tim Chow_Olivia & Eric_004.jpg
Tim Chow_Olivia & Eric_003.jpg

I can’t help but smile, too, Eric. These photos make me melt!

Tim Chow_Olivia & Eric_005.jpg