Cut Throat Barbershoppe

Every man needs a good barbershop.

And no, Great Clips doesn’t count.


Okay listen, I used to go to Great Clips. It was the only place I went to because I didn’t know there was anything better for me as a guy. I didn’t need a fancy salon, and I’ve been getting the same haircut since 5th grade. The problem was, every time I walked out of there, I came out with a different haircut. “Eh, it will grow out again.”

And then I found Cut Throat Barbershoppe in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Tim Chow_Cut Throat Barbershoppe_002.jpg
Tim Chow_Cut Throat Barbershoppe_004.jpg
Tim Chow_Cut Throat Barbershoppe_006.jpg
Tim Chow_Cut Throat Barbershoppe_014.jpg
Tim Chow_Cut Throat_Small_018.jpg
Tim Chow_Cut Throat Barbershoppe_016.jpg

After my first cut with Erick, the owner of Cut Throat, I knew it was game over. The vibe of the shop is chill, with good music always bumpin’ in the background.

I spent an afternoon shooting for Erick, and honestly it was just him and the crew joking around for a few hours while dishing out some quality haircuts. It didn’t seem like I was at someone’s workplace. It felt more like a place to hang out where they just happen to cut hair.

Did I mention there’s a bar? How dope is that??

Tim Chow_Cut Throat Barbershoppe_009.jpg
Tim Chow_Cut Throat Barbershoppe_011.jpg
Tim Chow_Cut Throat_Small_019.jpg
Tim Chow_Cut Throat Barbershoppe_012.jpg
Tim Chow_Cut Throat_Small_013.jpg

If you’re in the Scottsdale area and in need of a haircut, go check out Cut Throat. Better yet, book in advance so you can guarantee a spot. So proud to see Erick take his shop from two chairs to an entire bustling hotspot in Scottsdale in just a few short years.

You can check out the shop and book a shave or cut with them on their website: